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hand-coded, beautiful tableless layout and design

At Nwadibia Designs, you are completely taken care of. It does not matter whether you are light years behind or ahead of technology. Friendly help is always available via phone, SMS, online chat and email. Imagine a web Designer or Developer you can talk to easily and freely.

Simple or Complex Projects

Starting a business, need an online presence? You are covered. 
The project starts from Domain registration. You'll have a helping hand all the way to site completion. No prior knowledge needed to start your own new site.

Want to improve your site?
Expanding? Adding a community to your site? Tired of your present webmaster? Need complex data entry pages? Your joy begins here.

Consultancy and Content Analyst

(Web Development, Content Writing, Radio, Logo)

  1. Webmasters sometimes need help with their projects. Once we have scheduled dates, the rest is rose petal! We'll work together to get that project done in time. Perhaps you need a tutorial on MODx CMS...
  2. Worried about your sites's content. Grammatical errors? Need content writen for you. Need an eagle-eye critic... just say it!
  3. Need help setting up your Radio server? Want to skin your radio player to match your site? Need playlist guidance and software recommendations?
  4. You can also request custom logos for your website. Nothiing like being original.


Template I.Q Equals 300

Your site will be wrapped with an A.I-smart template which will effectively allow it to breathe at the pace of each page. Gone are the days of cookie cutters/templates. A single template can re-mould itself letting your site to be truly dynamic and truly tailor-made. Multiple parts of your template can even change with the content of each page, and different pages can share or have 'personal' templates...now that's flexible! Just dream your design and we'll play the sculptor of your thoughts.

Static to CMS

There are a lot to too many CMSs in stores today. From the infamous and over-popular or bloated to the obscure and 'what's that?'. You have heard of Drupal, CMS Made Simple, Wordpress, Concrete5, Joomla, Mambo??? have you heard of jCore, Expression Engine, Frog, WebsiteBaker, PHP-Fusion, ModX, Lepton, ocPortal, Webvanta??? And the list goes on ever on and on.

So far so tolerably good, we mainly use the extremely powerful, freedom-giving, flexible MODx  and WebsiteBaker. Developers and Designers love the ability to  design anything a client throws at them. These CMSs are also easy for the client to manage.

It can't be doubted that using a Content Management System makes web life smooth and growth of your website pleasurable.
So if you still have a static site that is growing, do not hesitate to contact me. True, for some tiny sites (2 pages) what's the point of a CMS? Nada!


Some people wonder which is more efficient: to bungee-jump right into the code of things or start visually via images (Photoshop - GIMP)?

We encourage you to start with PSDs or images - see a site you like (no matter which) take a picture of it and submit to me. Or if you have a graphics designer for next-door neighbour, tell him to flip you something, send to me and  we'll code it for you into a valid working website. Your beauty on your terms!



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We like MODx
MODx has proven to be very advanced in flexibility; it is easily extended. In short, it is a masterpiece framework!

Development here involves a great deal of:

  1. PHP
  2. MODx codes
  3. Hand-written CSS, XHTML, jQuery
  4. Custom graphics

You may consult with us at anytime even after the agreed job is finished. Clients feel at home when it comes to contacting us at anytime.

see my blog


Mar / 2016

TinyMCE - the Most Powerful Markdown Editor

Easily configure TinyMCE to serve Markdown syntax, I mean perfectly!
2 minutes long


Jan / 2016

TinyMCE Wrapper for MODx Manager

Complete Back/Frontend Content Solution: TinyMCE CDN, TinyJSONGallery, TinyMagicPublisher, 3 Custom File Browsers
3 minutes long


Dec / 2015

TinyMCE floating air bubble toolbar

Awesome floating air bubble toolbar for TinyMCE inline & traditional
1 minute long


Jul / 2015

Using Responsive FileManager in MODx

Upload and manage files in MODx easily and perfectly.
1 minute long


Jun / 2015

Inline Comments for MODx

Experimenting with Quip on steroids, annotation style!
1 minute long


Mar / 2015

Using Only One Form in MODx Quip Comments

Comments form for MODx that's better than Wordpress'
1 minute long


Feb / 2015

Ultimate Frontend Experience for MODx

Distraction-free frontend. NewsPublisher + TinyMCE + Responsive Filemanager = sweetness!
1 minute long


Feb / 2015

MODx Integrated with Question2Answer

A better forum! Straight to the point, Question2Answer
1 minute long


Jan / 2015

Gravatar and Country Flag Plugin for AJAX Chat

Finally, email login, and visual recognition of people in chat room
1 minute long


Jan / 2015

Youtube Plugin for AJAX Chat

This is better and smarter than bbcodeYoutube
1 minute long


Jan / 2015

MODx Integrated Blueimp AJAX Chat Plugin

A powerful chat plugin for your clients, and community.
1 minute long


Dec / 2014

Using TinyMCE with jQuery in MODx

TinyMCE, a powerful standalone frontend editor for MODx.
1 minute long


Dec / 2014

Definition of MODx Revolution

Philosophical and poetical journey of one who loves MODx.
1 minute long


Jan / 2013

Robust Personal Profile Created and Edited by Specific User

Here in a few steps you will build a major profile system.
9 minutes long


Nov / 2012

How To Choose a CMS Without Going Insane

One CMS to rule them all. Free, modular, sweet and cool.
3 minutes long

100% Valid CSS!

HTML5 Powered with CSS3 / Styling, Graphics, 3D & Effects, Performance & Integration, and Semantics